How To Be A Healthy Coffee Addict

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At the age of 12 (maybe it was earlier, but who knows) when I took that first drink, I was hooked. Not in a addicted kind of way. It was a more,, “I enjoy this.” I enjoyed everything about the coffee drinking experience. I enjoyed the coffee shop, the community, and the beverage. This was over 20 years ago and coffee was not as popular as it is now.

With coffee’s popularity on a consistent rise globally, it is attracting more attention for other reasons. The debate rages about the health affects of coffee. Is it good or bad? Maybe it’s the wrong question. Maybe we should be asking how to drink coffee rather than if we should. Or why is it good or bad?

Here are my suggestions for coffee consumption while maintaining your health. These are changes, I have been implementing over the last year. Some are more of a struggle than I realized, however, all have made positive impacts on my health over time.

Buy local, fresh coffee.

Start here and your coffee consumption habits will begin to improve themselves. Local, specialty roasters make it their mission to produce a cup of coffee that highlights the natural flavors of the coffee being served making it easier to follow some of the steps below.

Start your day with water.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Coffee wakes up the brain. Water wakes up the whole body. Your body naturally becomes dehydrated over the night. Consuming water first gets the system back to where it needs to be. Increases blood flow, Awakens the whole system in a way that the first cup of coffee will only help.

This was actually one of the hardest changes for me.

Drink your first cup around 9 or 10.

Because the chemical cortisol is being released into the brain and creating its own stimulus, coffee when consumed too  early can overstimulate the brain creating stress. Cortisol generally levels out after a few hours of being awake, and when these levels are lower, coffee can help smooth out your mood without the jitters.

I can do this sometimes, but I also do not have a regular pattern for getting up. With two younger kids, my day starts at 5:30 some days and 7:30 on others.

Skip the sugar.

Can we just agree the sugar is bad for our bodies. It’s fattening. It creates an increased sense of hunger. People use way too much of it in their coffee. If you’re coffee needs that much sugar, see my first point and buy something that is a little more expensive, but will be better for your health.

Minimize the milk.

Some people say get rid of the milk. I suggest minimizing. Why? I love milk! Milk in coffee can help balance it out, reduce effects of caffeine, and sweeten the cup again reducing the need for added sugars. Milk can also be fattening so be mindful when consuming it. Try to drink coffee black.

Drink plenty of water after.

Rehydrate your body. Keep the system functioning smoothly. Many times being properly hydrated will help the sustained energy levels and blood flow that the brain needs to be alert. Replenish the body after your morning cup has dehydrated you a bit.