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Brand v Identity: And how does the logo fit in?

With so much discussion today around brand building and identity, it is easy to confuse the concepts. Many throw in ...
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Brand Building Lessons Learned At Spark.Me Conference

On my birthday in 2015, I found myself walking on stage at the Conference in Budva, Montenegro. A few ...
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How To Be A Healthy Coffee Addict

At the age of 12 (maybe it was earlier, but who knows) when I took that first drink, I was ...
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Designing an Employee-Centric Experience

Designing an Employee-Centric Experience

I remember starting a new job when I was fresh out of college. I worked for an insurance firm. The ...
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#SparkMe Day one

5 Takeaways From Day 1 of #SparkMe day one has come to a close, and I cannot help but feel as though I left a family ...
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preparing for a conference

A Marketer, An Astronaut, And A Cyborg Walk Into A Bar: Preparing for Spark.Me 2018

Tomorrow begins, a conference dedicated to curating one of the best businesses and internet conferences in Southeast Europe. And ...
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I’m a brand consultant focused on values and purpose, designing experiences, engaging communities, and building networks. I currently live in Montenegro working as a creative director for a software and digital solutions company.

This space is to share what I am learning through travel, life, work, and the day-to-day. I love the coffee industry so there will be quite a bit as I share my experiences with cafes, coffees, and people.

Feel free to connect with me via social media or email. Cheers!