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The Montenegro Experience – Daniele and Alek

Daniele and Alek are two guys I met virtually through my friend, Ilija. I was introduced via Facebook after seeing their website online. Honestly, it was something that I would not do too often, but after interacting with Daniele about their story, it seemed fitting to help promote others who are trying to promote a country. […]


Visiting Montenegro around Spark.Me

At the end of the month, May 28-29, one of the region’s best business and innovation conference will kick off! brings energy and excitement within an inspirational context and environment. pushes attendees to dream big going after goals and objectives once thought out of reach. While offers the inspiration for entrepreneurs and startups to […]

Rebuilding Nepal: Rugged Trails

It always amazing to me how easily we connect with others. I woke up to a message in my inbox and a friend request via Facebook from someone in Nepal. After verifying who he was with a mutual contact, I started to chat over messenger and learn about what Shrawan Kumar was doing via business in Nepal. […]