2016 - budva - montenegro Conference 2016

At the end of the year, an email came out for purchasing tickets for Conference near Budva, Montenegro. Did I mention it will be on the beautiful COAST?! A few weeks ago, the speaker list started to drop. And now I am catching a steady stream of bloggers writing about their excitement and why they want to go to Spark as part of the blogger competition. More info here. All of this to say, I am pumped for! (More of the story from this post)

Last year, I attended, and was blown away by the energy, quality, and value that was brought to the table. If you missed it, I suggest you head over to the Youtube channel and jump in on some of the videos. Topics of storytelling, placemaking, internet freedom,and the future of innovation were strong throughout the two days. These were accompanied by personal branding tips, SEO, and how to market your brand/business in an innovative era. All highly relative to a business and startup economy that is growing day to day.

I anticipate the same quality being on display from the stage, and being raised to the next level through the speakers and a variety of networking opportunities available each day and even after. Not only was inspired from the stage, but I was inspired by those I met looking to make a change through their craft. I walked away challenged to grow professionally, and learn from others who are making things happen in their respective communities. I was challenged by the diversity of perspectives on the range of topics surrounding business today.

This does not include the startup competition that will take place as well. If you have a game changing idea and want to get started then I recommend working your hustle, and applying here for the opportunity to pitch. Even if you are not completely ready for the competition, reps from incubators and investors come and offer mass amounts of advice to get young entrepreneurs moving down the road. Startup teams only gain from attending the conference whether they are to pitch or not.

Apart from the conference itself, a huge draw for me to attend Spark is the team of organizers. The group putting together the conference are easy to support for their love to inspire, coach, and lead others in succeeding in their goals. It would be easy to sit down and write a post on each member, and never do justice. They are difference makers who are examples of what it means to focus and achieve new levels. Not to mention how much they care about people and personal development. And I may have received a surprise birthday cake

These are the reasons why I look forward to being at this year. I look forward to blogging about my experience and giving it my full attention via social media. It’s an important event for Montenegro and the Balkan region in rewriting its identity, and asserting itself on the European stage as a place for business and innovation.

If you haven’t purchased a ticket, head over to the website now and catch the early bird prices before it’s too late. If you went to the conference last year, who were favorite speakers? How were challenged the most?



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