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The Montenegro Experience – Daniele and Alek

Daniele and Alek are two guys I met virtually through my friend, Ilija. I was introduced via Facebook after seeing their website online. Honestly, it was something that I would not do too often, but after interacting with Daniele about their story, it seemed fitting to help promote others who are trying to promote a country. Especially when I live in said country, Montenegro.



Daniele and Alek met in Rome. They both grew up there, and have spent their lives in Rome. Daniele is Italian by heritage, however, Alek’s family comes from the tiny Adriatic country they spent this past summer touring. As Daniele describes it, “This was a getting to know your heritage kind of trip for Alek.” As Alek lived his entire life in Italy, there was very little understanding of the soil which contained his roots.

“There is so much good about the country, we just had to do something beautiful about it.”

Diskors Projekt, Montenegro Experience

After the two met as roommates in Rome, they decided to make the trip. Daniele continued to explain that this was a great opportunity to not only discover Montenegro, but to promote it. “Alek told me so much good about the country that we wanted to promote it.” So loading up their cameras and GoPros, they landed in Montenegro staying with relatives as they moved throughout the country. The journey they took was one of discovery, learning, and ultimately someway to give back.


After their travels, the two returned to Italy determined to set out on other adventures doing something of the same in promotion. However, I have a feeling that nothing with compare with the sense of nostalgia and warmth as their journey to discover Alek’s heritage.


For me, the beautiful thing about the Montenegro Experience is the personal side of travel that took shape. Travel is more than seeing a few places or merely going someplace exotic. Travel becomes more when we allow ourselves to experience the people and places that surround us sometimes leaving us no other option but to give back. A personal transaction takes place, and the traveler leaves something behind while also carrying away something new.

All photos are the property of Daniele and Alek. Please also see their website for the full experience.

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