Looking Back At Spark.Me

May 31 – June 1 saw the annual Spark.Me Conference go off in Budva, Montenegro. Spark.Me is a conference for innovators, tech gurus, and startups. Or anyone looking to make a difference. As Nataša said when opening it, “We are here to make a change.” Looking back at the two days, it is hard to believe all the information that was received, the connections made, and ideas born from having that much creative power in one room for two days. For videos of the conference go here to see the speakers in action.

After the such an excellent event where speakers come from all over the world with diverse backgrounds and differing pieces of advice that sync together nicely, the question becomes, “What do I do?” How can someone continue to make the most out of experience that sees so many talents fill a stage only to be bookended by a man filled with wisdom in the form of Dr. J.B. M. Kassarjian discussing leadership and a way forward in what appears to be a turbulent world?

Here’s some suggestions that I plan on doing as I continue to draw from the deep well of insight that was gleaned during Spark.Me.

1. Connect

This should be obvious but if not then reach out and connect. I met so many people and was able to speak about ideas with some brilliant minds. My plan is to follow up via Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc. The conference was about digital marketplace so I better be using digital space to reach out to others. What’s been awesome has been the response received already. In the places where genuine connections are made, these relationships have a greater chance of flourishing.

2. Write

During Spark.Me, I was constantly jotting notes and tweeting. Twitter for me was more than simply spreading the word. It became a live action notebook to keep track of things that I wanted others to hear, and I wanted to remember. My plan is to go back and get this info in one place to organize and build upon for the future.

3. Discuss

Sit down with friends and some of the takeaways for a discussion of what you learned. Bounce ideas off of one another to see what sticks and what may not. I do not want to hoard the info I received, but want to put it on display for others. This is also a great way to continue the connections made at the conference. Follow up with a group chat or a meet up to keep the momentum moving. Letting it sit until it becomes stale makes the conference a waste or diminishes the value greatly. Don’t just be a conference junkie allowing the high to subside until the next one.

4. Make a Plan and Act

This is where it becomes personal and vulnerability sets in. I have to do something with everything that I took in, and only discussing it is not enough. My goal over the coming weeks is to rematch some of the talks, make a plan, and act on it. Friends and connections from the conference will be key here. I want to bring others in on those plans, and see what resonates to move froward in the best possible direction.

These are my action steps for Spark.Me and any future conferences that I may attend. Spark was a phenomenal experience made possible from some of the best people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I look forward to what the Domain.Me group will do in the future. Hope to be a part of those plans.



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