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Get Your Game Face On: Spark.Me 2017

In a little over a week, Spark.Me 2017 will kick off what is shaping up to be a stellar conference on business and technology. each year leaders from digital marketing, tech, and business are brought to the seaside town of Budva, Montenegro in what is a carefully calculated line up. So get your game face on, and get prepared for a whirlwind of two days to learn, chat, network, and launch!


Each year, I am amazed by what I come away from the conference having learned. Spark.Me 2017 has already stimulated my anticipation.  My interest and experience is in creative and strategic thinking, social media, and social innovation. Below are the speakers that peak my interest and links to talks, articles, etc that I have been consuming in the past months leading up to Spark.Me 2017.

Rory Sutherland

Serving as vice-chairman of Ogilvy and Mather UK, a global advertising and marketing agency, Rory studies the subtle changes that create profound effects in advertising. He delivered multiple Ted talks drawing on his experience as an “ad man”.

Heather Armstrong

Widely recognized as the most popeul “mommy blogger” creating audience specific content for global brands, Heather brings much more to the table. Her experience over the last 17 years stands as a testament to how valuable her talk will be. Heather gave this amazingly vulnerable talk when stepping away from “mommy blogging” two years ago.

Peter Kim

Peter is the VP of Digital Consumer Experience for the LEGO Group. He has focused on building digital experiences since 1999. He helps build an integrated user experience that creates strong communities and communicates brand messages clearly. Listening to him speak, he succinctly describes the past while describing the current mood and future goals of digital marketing. Here’s a brief interview from earlier this year where he addresses these topics.


Not only will I sit and listen, but the opportunity to chat, ask questions, and continue the learning process one on one presents itself at different turns. Some of the most valuable lessons were learned outside of the keynotes when I was able to engage speakers, other bloggers, and attendees face to face. Ask questions. Speak your mind. Do not be shy.


My friend and colleague, Jennifer, wrote a brilliant post about networking at Spark.Me here. Begin to network now before the conference. Engage with others through social media. Follow up at the conference. And remember, people are interesting because they are people. Read the post in its entirety, and act on it. Build a plan , and execute.


Spark.Me 2017 is not a conference that you attend and do nothing. This is a space to LAUNCH! Launch a new idea, blog, podcast, etc. Tell people your idea, and get their input. Maybe, you will find a co-founder, consultant, or the assistance that you have needed. I am looking forward to building the inspiration to launch my own new projects. There is no time like now!

I have my game face on. How about you?!

Spark.Me Game face


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