China’s Coffee Industry: My experience with Yunnan coffee from Urban Dwellers

In 2004, I traveled to China for the first time. Two weeks in the summer started a love affair with a country that did not always receive the best publicity at that time. However, the first time opened a new world to me. One where I truly entered a new culture, its practices, and way […]

Dallas Coffeeshop

Coffee Tour: Dallas, Texas

The Dallas coffeeshop has transformed in my absence. I remember the over-saturation of Starbucks and having to order from Austin or other favorites. Now, that is no longer the case. Dallas has become a flourishing center for the perfect coffee extraction. Artisan roasters are filling the city. Coffeeshops that focus on the experience and community […]

Coffee Tour: Budapest, Hungary

While traveling through Eastern Europe, my family found itself in need to cross a border for aregistration miscalculation. We decided to head to Budapest, Hungary. With the help of a friend we got setup near a major tram line but in a more quiet section of the city. With younger kids, I always take their […]

Belgrade Coffee, barista

Coffee Tour: Belgrade, Serbia

My first experience with Belgrade happened in the summer of 2013. My family transitioned to the city for three months after being denied a visa extension in a neighboring country. Living as an expat forces one to do without, and for three months that had been without a solid cup of coffee. Belgrade coffee was […]

Zrno - Coffee - Podgorica - Montenegro

Rajko and Julia – Zrno Coffee

“He speaks more in English than he ever does in Serbian.” Julia remarked before sitting back to pause and reflect. We were all laughing, but the conversation went serious for a minute as Rajko’s wife continued to describe the new found confidence of Rajko. A confidence that had been built during the same time their […]