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Change. Fear. Movement.

As I am attending, I am tracking a noticeable theme popping up, the need for change.

Change is something that receives a lot of attention, and something that I used to feel really comfortable with. However, I have noticed that over the recent years, change brings baggage with it especially for creatives. The speakers at, addressed the topic frequently, and the reasons to deal with the feelings that usually follow a recognition for change in one’s life. Here are my thoughts.


When it happens without notice, change can  be difficult to process. Change leaves some feeling inspired, anxious, or paralyzed. Even when seen or freely being decided upon, change can bring a great amount of struggle and insecurity. What will I do next? What if things do not work out? What happens if my plans fail? The momentary loss of control can be exhilarating and at the same time debilitating. But one thing is always certain: change is necessary for growth. The right type of change can bring new birth, transformation, and innumerable possibilities. It can also bring immense amounts of FEAR.


Fear usually happens when at the moment or not long after change is brought into action. Even for those brave souls who seem to love change, after the excitement wears off from the moment of decision, the room grows quiet, fear creeps inside the mind through doubts and questions. Usually the questions mentioned above, ravage the thoughts in the quietness of the night. My friend, Jack blogs at Onward Creatives, and says, “Fear is most debilitating because it strikes at the hear of who we are.” And it is true. Fear amplifies our insecurities or aspects of ourselves which we question.


The only answer to fear is movement. Get started in the direction you want to head. Rediscover the reason why an idea or project has ignited a passion and move in that direction of accomplishing it. Movement can take shape in different forms. Talking with others, writing out a plan, creating a list of objectives are all examples of positive movements that protect from stagnation pushing back against the fear. Movement begins to teach fearlessness, and empowers others to be fearless also. Paul Papadimitriou said, “Let’s teach fearlessness – Let’s build our odyssey.” Let’s embrace change, fight against fear, and create movement in ourselves and those around us.


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